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Applying the science of quantitative approaches, from trial design to regulatory interactions. We support clients by reducing uncertainty in technical and regulatory processes, increasing confidence in the development of new medicines that can improve patients’ lives.

Pharmetheus specializes in quantitative approaches to drug research, development, and usage.

We offer regulatory-compliant solutions that ensure effective use of data allowing your team to more accurately characterize the potential drug effects and make confident decisions with sufficient precision.

To improve human health, we explore data, create models, and collaborate with our clients, colleagues, and the scientific community at large.

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Contexts of use

Development projects face numerous challenges, but with appropriate support, you can reduce risk and uncertainty along the process, aiding decision-making in a way of working adapted to the context of use.

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Pharmetheus Platforms

Harness the power of data integration to support decision-making and achieve predictions beyond observations. Explore the different Pharmetheus Platforms we have established for this purpose.

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Strengthen your team from within, get access to essential knowledge and a broad skillset.

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Case studies

Assessment of the probability of a drug asset to exceed the target efficacy value in major depression disorder trials using literature data of ketamine and esketamine

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Model-informed microarray patches design for anti-retroviral drugs to treat children with HIV

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Crovalimab dose justification based on Phase 3 data in paroxysomal nocturnal hemoglobinurea patients

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Academic collaborations


We help our clients access the necessary knowledge regarding a particular drug and disease, and drive better, model-informed, decisions and support them in putting the findings in words as we write the report for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference submissions. We also publish our own work and joint publications with partners and academic institutions.

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