History of Pharmetheus

Our journey is an exciting one. We began as a start-up that spinned off from Uppsala University. Today, we have grown into a global medium-sized company, adding value to drug development each day.


Our company name draws inspiration from the titan Prometheus in Greek mythology. Prometheus, known for his intelligence and as a champion of mankind, embodies the values we strive for.

“The name Prometheus means ‘the one who thinks beforehand’. Pharmetheus, a lesser-known sibling, is ’the one who thinks of pharma’.”

Establishment in 2012

Our company was officially founded in 2012, by a like-minded group of expert consultants, pharmaceutical industry leaders, and academic researchers at Uppsala University. They joined forces to establish a small pharmacometrics consultancy service, driven by a clear and unified vision to improve patients’ lives through transforming the productivity and efficiency of the drug development process.

“This vision has proven to be unwavering, and the diversified experience and expertise of this early team shaped what would become our guiding principles.”

To this day, we rely on a rich tapestry of expertise to build tools, create collaborations, and engage in the development of applied quantitative research to advance human health.

Our headquarters are situated in the same city as the academic center of excellence, Uppsala University. Today, our geographical footprint includes co-workers in over 10 countries, and we see great potential for further growth through the gradual expansion of services.

Groundwork in 2001

Professor Mats Karlsson was appointed the world’s first Professor of Pharmacometrics at Uppsala University in 2001. He was also chair of the board during Pharmetheus first decade.

Professor Mats Karlsson, Advisor at Pharmetheus

As professor, he established the pharmacometrics research group at Uppsala University, which has since made numerous notable contributions to methodology and applications in the field of pharmacometrics. What started at Uppsala University back in 2001, has developed into the establishment of Uppsala and Stockholm as a regional and world-leading hub of academic and industry research supporting model-informed drug development (MIDD).

Pharmacometrics is an applied science where research and application occur in both academia and industry. This has shaped its evolution, with academia focusing on developing methodology for improved applications and industry driving the implementation of methodology to support application needs. The exchanges of ideas, tools, and experiences between the organizations speed up the maturation of our field and promote model-informed drug discovery, development and usage.

“Pharmetheus is at the cross-roads of these activities and an active contributor in its own right.”

Learning as we grow

When founding Pharmetheus, we had a vision — to realize the full potential of quantitative approaches, impacting decision-making. This naturally led us to a philosophy of being a true partner to our clients and to a commitment of delivering the highest quality. In practice, we actively engage with our clients to identify their needs, provide tailored value, and ensure effective communication of results.

“The Pharmetheus culture reflects our ambition of bringing learning to the projects in all of its aspects.”

Growing organically

Over time and with the recruitment of additional expertise, our core focus broadened to support a wide range of reproducible MIDD services, from efficient routine analyses to innovative solutions for complex systems. Today, we are active across all phases of research and development, spanning various therapeutic areas. Our team of competent consultants offer ongoing strategic advice and fit-for-purpose analyses to support diverse drug development decisions. 

“Our strengths and unique qualities were embedded a long time ago and they are as relevant now as they ever have been.”

Awarded journey

Pharmetheus’ trajectory over the past decade has led to steady and organic growth. Awarded the Di Gasell Prize several times over, we are certain there are many opportunities ahead and have every intention of playing the part of a progressive contributor to our discipline and the health community at large.