Model Informed Drug Development

A quantitative framework to support and inform development program strategies and decisions.

MIDD Platform Scientific Lead – Martin Bergstrand, Ph.D. Principal MIDD Consultant


Enhance MIDD at every level

At Pharmetheus we have a blend of experience and expertise to enhance MIDD at the program, and or organizational level.

Our consultants are not only technical experts when it comes to Pharmacometrics and PBPK-QSP, they are also excellent strategists when it comes to how to combine a series of different modeling approaches to support a holistic drug development strategy. 

Benefits we have seen achieved with utilizing our MIDD solutions include augmented clinical teams with embedded scientists, replaced/reduced/optimized trials with appropriate strategies, and increased visibility of MIDD within the organization through involvement of external experts.

We offer a range of MIDD solutions, including:

  • Scientific advice at the analysis, trial, compound, and portfolio levels
  • Contribution to and review of R&D programs
  • Delivery of a range of MIDD components in a “fit for purpose” manner
  • Presentations focused on organizational and team MIDD awareness
  • Workshops focused on MIDD implementation
  • Workshops focused on MIDD application within a particular therapeutic area or context of use

Our passion

“Model Informed Drug Development (MIDD) is at the heart of what we do at Pharmetheus. “

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