Free Speed Consulting with Pharmetheus

Pharmetheus will offer free professional pharmacometric consulting sessions (~30 min) at the below listed conferences. Pharmetheus’ senior experts are available to give input on a wide range of pharmacometric topics, offering strategic as well as hands-on assistance concerning small as well as large molecules and drug projects in all development phases.

Conferences where speed consulting is available:

  • ASCPT 2020
  • WCoP 2020
  • QSPC 2020
  • PAGE 2020
  • ACOP 2020

Pharmetheus: Advancing model informed drug development

Demands from payors and regulators for differentiated products necessitates creative integration of available data/information, with future trial data, to accelerate drug development in an efficient, cost effective and ethical manner.


  • has expertise in model informed drug development (MIDD) to support and inform study and program strategies and decisions..
  • has a track record of efficient delivery of fit for purpose solutions, including complex situations.
  • has access to a broad range of complementary drug research and development disciplines (including pharmacometrics, clinical pharmacology, statistics and regulatory) and academic subject matter experts.

Pharmetheus: transforming quality science to informed decisions

Drug development moves at a swift pace in an ever-changing competitive landscape and project teams are constantly facing new challenges, demanding a flexible proactive and adaptive mindset.


  • offers a broad range of fit for purpose analytical solutions, including data programming, across all phases of research and development (incorporating submission and post approval activities).
  • has a broad resource pool to accommodate varying needs, including modeling, training, interaction with regulatory bodies, expert advice and full-time equivalent support.
  • has experience of, and expertise in, a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Pharmetheus: when efficiency meets quality

Scientific rigor, quality, compliance and traceability are cornerstones in clinical drug development and regulatory submissions. This requires reliable technical solutions and experience to efficiently leverage MIDD in these settings.


  • has robust processes for reproducibility and documentation of analysis results.
  • has considerable experience of delivering submission ready reports.
  • has independent quality control (QC) to monitor and check on our deliverables. .

Pharmetheus offers consulting services focused on the application of quantitative approaches to support drug development decisions.

Our Communications

Latest news from Pharmetheus

Open Systems Pharmacology publication

As active and enthusiastic members of the Open Systems Pharmacology (OSP) management team and provider of PBPK-QSP services, we would like to guide your attention to this recent publication, in CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology, summarizing the principal ideas, organization and functionalities of the OSP platforms (PK-Sim/MoBi) and community. 

PBPK training at WCoP2020

Going to WCoP 2020 in Cape Town?

Join the 1-day hands-on workshop "Open source PBPK modelling with the OSPSuite (PK-Sim® & MoBi®) for MIDD" hosted by Pharmetheus and Pharmacometrics Africa.

Read more and register here.
Register soon, only limited seats available!

Welcome Marie Olsson!

We are feeling grateful! Marie Olsson has joined our Finance and Admin team as Administrative Assistant. She has long experience of administration and stores management, in leading positions. She will help bring further structure and make our daily operations even more effective. See her bio here.

Welcome Siv Jönsson!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Siv Jönsson to our team! Siv has been working in the pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and pharmacometric areas in the pharmaceutical industry for a total of 5 years (Kabi Pharmacia, AstraZeneca), as a regulatory assessor at the Swedish Medical Products Agency for 9 years, and spent +10 years in academia as a senior lecturer and researcher dealing with methodological and applied pharmacometric projects. See her bio here.

We are active in the biosimilar area

Mechanism based pharmacometric analysis can be a powerful tool in the development of biosimilar drugs. Pharmetheus recently supported a client with evaluating the impact of study design and expected product differences on the power to demonstrate PK and PD similarity. Find out more in a recent paper by Ari Brekkan et al. AAPS J. 2019 Jul 8;21(5):85.

Welcome Ida Netterberg!

We are glad to announce that Ida Netterberg (MIDD consultant) is returning to Pharmetheus after recently defending her PhD thesis at Uppsala University. Ida’s thesis focused on pharmacometric evaluation of biomarkers to improve treatment in oncology. See Ida's bio here.

Welcome Ola Caster!

We are happy to welcome Ola Caster in our growing enabler team. Ola comes most recently from a position as a Senior Researcher at the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, where he worked primarily with methods for adverse effect detection and benefit-risk assessment in the post-marketing setting. He has more than ten years of experience from research in statistics and data science, including a PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences. See Ola's bio here.

Welcome Marie Karlsson!

The Pharmetheus team has recently been strengthened by our first dedicated Project Coordinator, Marie Karlsson. Marie has long prior experience in monitoring data processing and project management in software development. See Marie's bio here. Welcome!

ACoP in Orlando

Come meet us at ACoP in Orlando next week. Drop by our booth to discuss model informed drug development with our experts and leaders. There are still opportunities for free speed consulting, should you want input to your strategic or hands-on work.

Speed consulting at ACop 2019

This year, during the ACOP Meeting in Orlando, Pharmetheus will offer professional pharmacometric consulting sessions (~30 min), free of charge. Talk to us about Pharmacometrics, PBPK, Regulatory strategy, MIDD strategy, and much more! These sessions are open to everyone and independent of any current or future plans to use our services.

Mats Karlsson awarded BCPT Nordic Prize 2019

Congratulations to our Advisor and Chairman of the Board, Prof. Mats Karlsson, who has been awarded the BCPT Nordic Prize 2019 for his deeds in the field of pharmacometrics, which has been of great importance for both science and education.

Welcome Ari Brekkan and Antonio Klaric!

Pharmetheus continues to grow and we are very happy to announce the arrival of two new team members, Ari Brekkan, MIDD consultant, and Antonio Klaric, System administrator. Ari recently defended his PhD thesis at Uppsala University. His work focused on the application and use of pharmacometric models in the development of biological medicinal products. Antonio has experience in a variety

Welcome Qing Xi!

A new talent joined our experienced team! We're excited to announce that Qing Xi, working more recently at the University of Otago, New Zealand, started at Pharmetheus.

Page 2019 in Stockholm!

Pharmetheus is at PAGE 2019 in Stockholm! We look forward to seeing you at booth no. 19-20.

A warm welcome to Robin Svensson

A warm welcome to Robin Svensson, joining our MIDD consultants team! Robin recently graduated from Uppsala University with an important thesis work on how pharmacometrics can be used to improve decision-making for development and use of drugs against tuberculosis.

Pharmetheus is very happy to announce the addition of two new consultants to our growing team.

Enrica Mezzalana joins us from Exprimo. Enrica has a PhD in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics and has been working for >5years as a pharmacometrician to support model informed drug development both in industry and in consultancy.

Pharmetheus possesses a blend of expertise to enhance model informed drug development (MIDD) at the trial, compound and/or organization level.

Pharmetheus is delighted to announce the appointment of Richard J Anziano as Chief Statistician.

Rich was formerly Global Head of Statistics and Chief Statistician for Pfizer Inc. with responsibility for approximately 250 statisticians. In that role he led the quantitative assessment of late stage probabilities of technical and regulatory success through modeling and simulation for late-stage assets compared to industry/therapeutic area benchmarks. He was a long standing member of the cross PhRMA statistics group.


Our services include quantitative analyses by scientists with extensive therapeutic area experience industry, academic and regularly settings.

Our team

Pharmetheus consultants and advisors present a unique collection of experiences and combination of skill sets.
Dr. Chayan Acharya, Senior Consultant

Chayan Acharya

Senior Consultant

Fredrik Alpsten

Board Member
Richard Anziano, Principal Consultant, Chief Statistician

Richard Anziano

Principal Consultant, Chief Statistician
Dr. Martin Bergstrand, Principal Consultant, Board Member

Martin Bergstrand

Principal Consultant, Board Member
Dr. Marcus Björnsson, Senior Consultant

Marcus Björnsson

Senior Consultant
Dr. Ari Brekkan, Consultant

Ari Brekkan


Ola Caster

Associate Consultant
Georges Etté, Associate Consultant, Data Programmer

Georges Etté

Associate Consultant, Data Programmer

Agneta Franksson

Board Member
Dr. Martin Fransson, Consultant

Martin Fransson

Svetlana Freiberga, Associate Consultant, Data Programmer

Svetlana Freiberga

Associate Consultant, Data Programmer
Prof. Lena Friberg, Advisor

Lena Friberg

Dr. Sofia Friberg Hietala, Senior Consultant

Sofia Friberg Hietala

Senior Consultant
Arnaud Gaby, Associate Consultant, Data Programmer

Arnaud Gaby

Associate Consultant, Data Programmer
Dr. Emma Hansson, Senior Consultant

Emma Hansson

Senior Consultant
Dr. Kajsa Harling, Consultant, Systems Development

Kajsa Harling

Consultant, Systems Development
Dr. Andrew Hooker, Advisor

Andrew Hooker

Dr. Moustafa Ibrahim, Associate Consultant

Moustafa Ibrahim

Dr. Niclas Jonsson, Principal Consultant

Niclas Jonsson

Principal Consultant

Siv Jönsson

Senior Consultant

Tobias Kanacher

Senior Consultant

Marie Karlsson

Project Coordinator

Mats Karlsson

Board Chair, Advisor
Antonio Klaric, Analyst Consultant, System Administrator

Antonio Klaric

Analyst Consultant, System Administrator
Dr. Anders Kristoffersson, Consultant

Anders Kristoffersson

Dr. Jurgen Langenhorst, Associate Consultant

Jurgen Langenhorst

Per Lundström, Administrative Assistant

Per Lundström

Administrative Assistant
Dr. Mats Magnusson, Principal Consultant

Mats Magnusson

Principal Consultant
Dr. Elin Matsson, Senior Consultant

Elin Matsson

Senior Consultant

Enrica Mezzalana

Dr. Peter Milligan, Chief Executive Officer

Peter Milligan

Chief Executive Officer

Ida Netterberg

Dr. Joakim Nyberg, Principal Consultant

Joakim Nyberg

Principal Consultant

Marie Olsson

Administrative Assistant
Arnaud Pharasyn, Senior Consultant, IT Manager

Arnaud Pharasyn

Senior Consultant, IT Manager
Dr. Elodie Plan, Principal Consultant, Board Member

Elodie Plan

Principal Consultant, Board Member
Dr. Peteris Prusis, Associate Consultant, Data Programmer

Peteris Prusis

Associate Consultant, Data Programmer

Qing Xi Ooi

Associate Consultant
Dr. Jakob Ribbing, Senior Consultant

Jakob Ribbing

Senior Consultant
Dr. Daniel Röshammar, Senior Consultant

Daniel Röshammar

Senior Consultant
Eric Sandström, Analyst Consultant, Systems Developer

Eric Sandström

Analyst Consultant, Systems Developer
Dr. Marie Sandström, Chief Operations Officer, Deputy CEO

Marie Sandström

Chief Operations Officer, Deputy CEO
Dr. Celine Sarr, Senior Consultant

Celine Sarr

Senior Consultant
Markus Seltmann, Analyst Consultant, Systems Architecture

Markus Seltmann

Analyst Consultant, System Administrator
Prof. Ulrika Simonsson, Advisor

Ulrika Simonsson


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