We operate in the areas of model-informed drug development, pharmacometrics, clinical pharmacology, statistics, physiologically based pharmacokinetics, quantitative systems pharmacology, biopharmaceutics and regulatory strategy.
Questions that we typically address include: “What concentration levels are necessary in humans?”, “What dose level is associated with the best overall efficacy-safety profile?”, “How can the experimental study design be improved to increase the probability of its success?”…

Pharmetheus offers consulting services focused on the application of quantitative approaches to support drug research, development and life-cycle decisions.

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Concentration QTc Analysis of Giredestrant

March 15, 2023

Concentration-QTc analysis has become a common approach for evaluating proarrhythmic risk and delayed cardiac repolarization of oncology drug candidates. Significant heart rate change has been associated with certain classes of oncology drugs and can result in over- or under-estimation of the true QT prolongation risk.

Jurgen Langenhorst together with collaborators at Genentech, leveraged data from the clinical development program of giredestrant to evaluate the suitability of a novel spline-correction method, while simultaneously evaluating the QT-prolongation risk of the study drug.

They concluded: “The spline-correction method demonstrated superior functionality to reduce the correlation between QTc and heart rate as compared with the traditionally used Fridericia correction. Using either Fridricia or the spline-correction demonstrated that giredestrant has a low risk of prolonging the QT interval at clinically relevant concentrations.”

Find the publication here:
Concentration QTc Analysis of Giredestrant: Overcoming QT/HR Confounding in the Presence of Drug-Induced Heart Rate Changes.

Pharmetheus affiliate: Jurgen Langenhorst 


Our services include quantitative analyses by scientists with extensive therapeutic area experience industry, academic and regularly settings.

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