We operate in the areas of model-informed drug development, pharmacometrics, clinical pharmacology, statistics, physiologically based pharmacokinetics, quantitative systems pharmacology, biopharmaceutics and regulatory strategy.
Questions that we typically address include: “What concentration levels are necessary in humans?”, “What dose level is associated with the best overall efficacy-safety profile?”, “How can the experimental study design be improved to increase the probability of its success?”…

Pharmetheus offers consulting services focused on the application of quantitative approaches to support drug research, development and life-cycle decisions.

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Welcome Maarten van Eijk!

November 25, 2022

A warm welcome to Maarten van Eijk joining Pharmetheus as an Associate Consultant. His experience includes clinical pharmacology, pharmacometric analysis, and model informed drug development within oncology. Maarten will complete his Ph.D. this winter when he defends  his dissertation on pharmacometrics in the development of new oral taxane formulations. Based in the Netherlands, Maarten works from our Utrecht Office. Very glad to have you join Pharmetheus, Maarten!

Find Maartens's bio here.


Our services include quantitative analyses by scientists with extensive therapeutic area experience industry, academic and regularly settings.

Our team

Pharmetheus consultants and advisors present a unique collection of experiences and combination of skill sets.

Maarten van Eijk

Associate Consultant

Kamila Czajkowska

QC and Medical Writer Consultant

Dylan Garamani

Analyst System Developer

Kiran Kumar Kode

Associate Data Programmer

Stijn van Beek

Associate Consultant

Jurij Aguiar Zdovc

Associate Consultant
Associate Consultant
Associate Data Programmer
Associate Consultant
Project Coordinator
Senior Consultant
Administrative Assistant
Board member
Board member
Financial Controller
Associate Consultant
Analyst Systems Developer
Associate Consultant

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Our way of working, with traceability and accountability from data programming to report delivery, is well adapted to, and highly compatible with, current regulatory requirements.