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Paris, 18-20 of October.

Niclas Jonsson, Ph.D, Principal Consultant & Pharmacometrics Platform Scientific Lead, will present under the section Supporting Decision-Making in Drug Development on the subject; Using Forest plots to support drug development decision making – difficulties and opportunities.

Pharmetheus will attend AAPS 22-25 of October and will be presenting the following posters, both by Erik Sjögren, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Erik works as a Principal Consultant & PBPK-QSP Platform Science Lead at Pharmetheus.

• Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling of Oral Absorption of 5-flucytosine to Support Development of a Sustained-Release Formulation for Treatment of Cryptococcal Meningoencephalitis.

• Bioavailability and Local Immunogenicity after Subcutaneous Administration of Therapeutic Proteins: Mechanistic Modelling within the Open Systems Pharmacology Framework.

Do you want to improve decision making in drug development? This workshop aims to introduce how Model-Informed-Drug-Development (MIDD) principles can be applied to facilitate probability-based decision making in drug development.

Join this 1 day workshop led by Pharmetheus’ experts and held on  Sunday 5 of November 2023 in connection to ACoP14, Washington DC, US.

Are you interested in the future of clinical use of cell therapies? Attend the symposium on the 6th of November during ACoP, where Anna Mc Laughlin from Pharmetheus will chair and share her knowledge about ‘Opportunities for Model-Informed-Drug-Development (MIDD) for cell therapies’.

Interested in combining PBPK and PD/QSP models and looking for efficient means to accomplish this?

Join this 1,5 day workshop led by Pharmetheus’ experts and held on Thursday-Friday 9-10 of November 2023 in connection to ACoP14, Washington DC, US.

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