About us

Pharmetheus offers consulting services focused on the application of quantitative approaches to support drug research, development, and life-cycle decisions. With our expertise in model-informed drug development, pharmacometrics, and PBPK-QSP, we support clients from strategy to design and analyses.

Transforming drug development

Dr. Elodie Plan, Chief Business Development Officer at Pharmetheus.

Pharmetheus is a diversified Life Sciences consultancy partner at the forefront of the application of quantitative approaches to drug research, development, and usage. We operate in the area of biosimulation and biotech, using software to describe biological processes.

“We believe quantitative based decisions can transform and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the drug development process.”

Quantitative approaches

With the aim to improve human health by increasing confidence in all phases of drug development, we explore data, create models, and collaborate with our clients, colleagues and the scientific community at large — to find the most reliable and efficient ways to improve healthcare.

Our fit-for-purpose modeling can provide a more reliable basis for understanding, characterizing, and predicting the efficacy and safety of drugs, supporting decision-making from compound progression and program design to portfolio and regulatory strategy. Steering the advancement of applied quantitative research, understanding and approaches, we serve the healthcare community at large and strive to be a benefactor for society as a whole — by integrating what we know today to predict scenarios for tomorrow.

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Our principles

Traceability, accountability, and independent quality control are of utmost importance to us, and embedded in our way of working.

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History of Pharmetheus

Our journey is an exciting one. We began as a start-up that spinned off from Uppsala University. Today, we have grown into a global medium-sized company, adding value to drug development each day.

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Mission, vision & values

Our vision, mission and values guide us in every aspect of our work, and help us deliver as one team. We are devoted to increasing confidence in the development of new medicines that can improve patients’ lives.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Pharmetheus’ CSR focuses on the environment, health and well-being, education, and reducing inequality.

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