Scientific Publication

Transforming technical reports into impactful publications.

Efficient submissions

Submitting to peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences requires expertise and a specialized skill set. At Pharmetheus, our team of professional medical writers are specialized in quantitative drug development approaches, allowing them to efficiently transform technical reports into submission-ready abstracts or publications.

Throughout the process

Our consultants work closely with clients to determine the scope of the publication, including purpose, content, and targeted journal audience. From there, our medical writers create an outline and draft an abstract and/or a manuscript based on the results to share with the targeted audience.

“We support our clients in effectively communicating about research and assets to the scientific community. By doing so, we contribute to the accessibility of common knowledge and advancements in the field, ultimately benefiting the entire scientific community.”

Publication-ready professionalism

Pharmetheus manages the project from start to finish, providing an in-house pharmacometrics-trained medical writer, ensuring publication-ready professionalism. We can assist with preparing and submitting the publication to the journal or conference, ensuring that clients receive high-quality support and expert guidance throughout the process.

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