Andrea Henrich, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant


  • Joined Pharmetheus in 2020, actively working in client projects and serving as deputy Project Portfolio Team Leader
  • Expertise includes QTc analysis, drug-drug interactions, and trial design in therapeutic areas such as oncology, cardiovascular, and immunology
  • Previously worked as Modeling and Simulation Scientist at Idorsia Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland, where she performed population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic analyses and concentration-QT modeling in different therapeutic areas
  • Pharmacist (2013) from Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University, Germany, and Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacy (2017) from Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
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Pharmetheus affiliated publications

Pharmacokinetic Characterization and Exposure-Response Relationship of Crovalimab in the COMPOSER and COMMODORE 3 Trials of Patients with Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH)Efficacy and safety of the ghrelin-O-acyltransferase inhibitor BI 1356225 in overweight/obesity: Data from two Phase I, randomised, placebo-controlled studiesThe Population PKPD of Unacylated and Acylated Ghrelin Following Single Rising Doses of BI 1356225 in Healthy Subjects is Impacted by the Time Since Last Meal