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We offer an inspiring work environment and competitive benefits. When you join us, you become part of a global family.

The Pharmetheus team gathering in Rome 2022

We have built a team entirely dedicated to providing the best service to clients and the highest quality work. Collaboration is key for us, both internally and externally, we help each other, and it is our collective effort that matters. Integrity is part of our profession, but also how we treat each other - with respect to individual differences.

Our team is distributed across 14 countries, representing 22 ethnicities, and we maintain offices in 5 countries over 2 continents.

"Our diversity enriches us, and we embrace variability in life as in science."

We strive for a balanced gender ratio of women and men, both among employees and managers. We address inequalities within our own organization - and through our work as one of the focus areas in our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Curiosity extends beyond work for many of our team members. You will most likely find kindred spirits, with deep interests in many areas outside their field of expertise. We have jigsaw puzzle fans, coffee-enthusiasts, foodies, and sport-lovers among us. Work-life balance is of essence at Pharmetheus, and we believe the personal life to be equally important to the professional.

Our people philosophy

We want to be an attractive place to work for the sharpest minds in the industry. We continuously enhance our people policy to ensure our benefits are of the highest standard. Since we are a growing company, you will be important to keep developing the culture and ways of working, and we will value your input.

When you join us, we expect you to be eager to learn, within your field of expertise and beyond, as learning is such an integral part of our DNA. One example is our scientific meetings, where colleagues or external speakers present their research, keeping up with trends and societal development in many areas, to improve our abilities.

Flexibility in a hybrid world means that it is possible to work from different places, we support you. We have offices in Paris, Utrecht, Uppsala, Basel and Stockholm as well as home offices. We do love to meet and work together and make sure to assemble the team face-to-face regularly.


Employee stories

“It’s a chance encounter that I stumbled upon pharmacometrics, and I was very lucky”

Qing Xi is a testament to the international spirit at Pharmetheus. She is originally from Malaysia but has studied both in the UK and in New Zealand. She is now based at Pharmetheus’ head office in Uppsala – but makes frequent trips across the world.

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“I’m a little proud of our company all the time”

Siv Jönsson, a Senior Consultant based at Pharmetheus’ office in Uppsala, Sweden, has many years’ experience as an academic and uses it to develop Pharmetheus’s Learning agenda.

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“We are dedicated to what we do and empower each other to advance the field”

Jurij Aguiar Zdovc joined Pharmetheus as an Associate Consultant in 2022, working from his home office in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His work focuses on model informed drug development in clinical trials and he says he really enjoy the company's open work environment.

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“Sharing with colleagues is why I love working here”

Sophie Peigné supports clients with expert and strategic advice in pharmacometrics as well as hands-on modeling analyses for compounds in all development phases. She joined Pharmetheus in 2022, and is based in Paris, France, where Pharmetheus recently opened an office.

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What our people say

"What I enjoy the most is that we are given the freedom, opportunities, and time to explore our ideas, challenge the norm, and develop new skills. "

Dr. Qing Xi Ooi, says the job is both fun and challenging, and that the culture and work environment attracts bright, passionate people.

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