We are committed to providing tailored high-quality support to our clients. With expertise in model-informed drug development, pharmacometrics, and PBPK-QSP, we support with everything from strategy to design and analyses.

“Collaboration and integrity are at the core of our approach.”

Our solutions

We apply our extensive experience and deep knowledge within the applied science of quantitative approaches to each project we undertake. Our services range from trial design input to manuscript preparation for publication in scientific journals. We ensure that our technical reports are of high quality, suitable for regulatory submission.

Our team of experienced consultants and scientists are dedicated to helping clients throughout all stages of drug development.

At Pharmetheus, we understand the importance of providing efficient and effective support to our clients. Our milestone analysis solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each project.

Pharmetheus offers a unique Embedded Scientist service, providing project support with essential knowledge in quantitative approaches.

Learn from our experts at Pharmetheus for review work, strategy advice, and coaching.

Sharpen your team’s skills and knowledge with expert training.

Transforming technical reports into impactful publications.

We take pride in our frequent involvement in Phase III submission projects, where our analyses support regulatory claims for new treatments. We provide support in a wide range of other project types, such as first-in-man dose selections, analysis of single and multiple dose ascending studies, extrapolations, dose predictions in special populations, and establishing exposure-response and exposure-safety profiles to inform dose selection in Phase III studies. We offer quantitative analyses as a reliable basis for decision-making across all stages of development, from preclinical to post marketing activities.

Client’s feedback

“I wanted to express my and the team’s sincere appreciation to you for the wonderful work you undertook for the program. It was a very pleasurable experience from start to end, and I have to acknowledge the very high quality of both the technical and reporting outputs.”

Identifying challenges

At Pharmetheus, we believe in carrying out our work in an efficient and effective manner. We initiate each project by engaging in discussions with our clients to identify the challenges and agree on the scientific methodology to address it. Our project teams are formed with clear roles and responsibilities, and we maintain close collaboration with our client representatives throughout the project to ensure alignment at every stage.

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Engage Pharmetheus for tailored and high-quality support in drug development.

We offer tailored contracts to meet the needs of each client and project, such as milestone agreements for projects with well-defined deliverables, embedded scientist contracts for long-term support, and hourly-based expert advice contracts for various scientific advice.

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