To analyze both drug concentration (pharmacokinetic) and effects (pharmacodynamic) data using a population modelling approach. The adopted quantitative approach enables efficient integration of longitudinal information across subjects and across study protocols.

Pharmacometrics Platform Scientific Lead – Dr. Niclas Jonsson, Scientific Director.

The Pharmetheus Platform pharmacometrics is grounded in quality (solid, robust, QC-ed and reproducible), and is contextualized. Projects stemming from it are always managed by an expert project leader whose knowledge is imperative for a successful outcome.

At Pharmetheus, we have refined and formalized our methodology to offer unique and robust quality and efficiency. With written internal guidelines and specifically trained staff, we have finely tuned our approach to provide state of the art pharmacometrics support.

“Our clients have submitted reports to the authorities with our support, waived trials as a result of our analyses, and successfully selected the optimal dose for their patients.”


Use model-based predictions in internal decision making and regulatory filings

A top down pharmacometric approach to the analysis of clinical trial data enables: 

  • A description of the absorption, distribution and elimination of drugs in the body.
  • Linking drug concentration or exposure to biomarker, efficacy or safety responses.
  • A quantification of the temporal characteristics of drug response.
  • Simulation of the outcome of future clinical trials.
  • Prediction of situations outside the context studies in the clinical trials.
  • Characterization of the expected exposure and response in patient subgroups of interest.

Recommended solutions

We offer a variety of solutions based on our pharmacometrics platform. Here are a few of them:

At Pharmetheus, we understand the importance of providing efficient and effective support to our clients. Our milestone analysis solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each project.

Pharmetheus offers a unique Embedded Scientist service, providing project support with essential knowledge in quantitative approaches.