Corporate Social Responsibility

Pharmetheus’ CSR focuses on the environment, health and well-being, education, and reducing inequality.

Dr Anaïs Glatard, MIDD Consultant, leading the CSR work at Pharmetheus

Pharmetheus’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) promise is to become an ever more sustainable and responsible company. As with all initiatives within Pharmetheus, our CSR strategy stems directly from our vision and core values. To ensure we are in line with other global responsibility initiatives we have also aligned ours with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“Pharmetheus’ CSR strategy stems directly from our vision and core values”

Our 5-year goals

Protecting the environment

Making the necessary changes to protect our planet also provides huge opportunities.

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Quality education

Sharing specialized knowledge, supporting and motivating students.

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Good health and well-being

Pharmetheus strives to improve the global level of health and well-being, starting with its employees and collaborators.

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Reducing inequality

Committed to reducing inequalities within and outside of the workplace.

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