Reducing inequality

Committed to reducing inequalities within and outside of the workplace.


For nations to flourish, equality and prosperity must be available to everyone — regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs or, economic status.

Pharmetheus works actively towards reducing inequality by providing a workplace with equal opportunities for all employees and job candidates.

At present, we operate in more than 10 countries. A multicultural perspective is embedded in our identity, and we fully embrace diversity. Over 40% of our positions are held by women, including leadership roles. We are committed to reducing inequalities within and outside of the workplace.


Pakistan pharmacometrics awareness campaign

Pharmetheus colleague Sami Ullah, Ph.D., held a Pakistan Pharmacometrics Awareness Campaign and presented our introductory pharmacometrics lecture to approximately 300 Pharmacy students from three leading Pakistani Universities to build awareness and interest in this rapidly growing scientific field.

Donations for education in pharmacometrics regardless of socioeconomic background

Pharmetheus makes donations to the travel and housing fund for students participating in Uppsala Pharmacometrics Summer School and places particular emphasis on students who otherwise would be unable to attend. Donor distribution is decided by votes from visitors at selected conferences and contributes to greater access to pharmacometrics learning.