Pharmetheus Platforms

Harness the power of data integration to support decision-making and achieve predictions beyond observations. Explore the different Pharmetheus Platforms established for this purpose.

“Typically, a combination of different modeling approaches is needed to efficiently support a drug development program.”

Our platforms

At Pharmetheus we have organized the internal R&D in three platforms: Pharmacometrics, PBPK-QSP, and Model Informed Drug Development (MIDD), to maintain good practice and further develop the methodology with regards to a wide range of approaches.

To analyze both drug concentration (pharmacokinetic) and effects (pharmacodynamic) data using a population modeling approach. The adopted quantitative approach enables efficient integration of longitudinal information across subjects and across study protocols.

When the objective is to leverage accumulated knowledge to inform mechanistic analyses and or achieve predictions beyond observations.

A quantitative framework to support and inform development program strategies and decisions.

What we do

“We specialize in quantitative approaches to drug research, development, and usage. “

We believe quantitative-based decisions can transform and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the drug development process. With an aim to improve human health, we explore data, create models, and collaborate with our clients, colleagues, and the scientific community at large.

At Pharmetheus we have our dedicated R&D department and regularly engage in academic collaborations to explore unanswered questions as they arise.

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