Embedded Scientist

Pharmetheus offers a unique Embedded Scientist service, offering vital expertise in quantitative approaches to support your projects.

Within your team

Strengthen teams from within

Our Embedded Scientist solution allows our clients to strengthen their drug development team by engaging one of our experienced consultants. As an Embedded Scientist, the consultant becomes a part of your team and works with hands-on analyses and strategy development around quantitative approaches. By leveraging Pharmetheus’ accumulated knowledge, expertise and, experience, we provide support as needed in areas such as pharmacometrics, PBPK-QSP, or MIDD.

Aligned values

Integrity and Collaboration

Our Embedded Scientists have a track record of performing hands-on analyses, generating simulation-based material to inform decision-making, developing strategies for quantitative approaches, and coordinating outsourced analyses when relevant. We always act with the highest integrity in the best interest of our clients. At Pharmetheus, we prioritize collaboration and teamwork, as we work closely with our clients to achieve their goals.

Recommended platform

The related Pharmetheus platform is Model-Informed Drug Development, combined with pharmacometrics and or PBPK-QSP.

A quantitative framework to support and inform development program strategies and decisions.

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Engage Pharmetheus for an Embedded Scientist service that provides project support with essential knowledge in quantitative approaches.

“Our commitment to integrity and collaboration ensures that we always act in the best interest of our clients and tap into our built-in access to Pharmetheus’ experts and advisors.”

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