“My colleagues are thought leaders in the industry and I wanted to work with the best.”

Andrea Henrich joined Pharmetheus to develop her skills and work with experts in the industry. From the start she felt the company’s passion for knowledge sharing and it has helped her both in her role as a modeler and team member.

Dr Andrea Henrich, Senior Consultant at Pharmetheus.

With passion for knowledge sharing

When Andrea Henrich started working at Pharmetheus in 2020, she wanted to work with the best modeling consultants in the industry and clients in leading pharmaceutical companies on different projects. She had previously worked mostly with early drug development, and at Pharmetheus she wanted to get an insight into new ways of working and different methodologies and indications. 

“The pharmacometrics world is a small one and several of my new colleagues were already part of my network. Pharmetheus has employees which are thought leaders in the industry, and I wanted to work with the best.”

When asked about the famous names she wanted to work with when joining the company, she says that she now has worked with some of them, and they are all down to earth – and very nice.

She currently works part time as an embedded modeler, and part time in different projects, something she describes as getting the best of two worlds. 

“You work with the same projects for a long time, which is nice since you can develop MIDD strategies and advise the project team”.

She also feels that her work has purpose and makes a real impact. When she helps design a new study, it saves both time and money, which help patients in the end. She says most of the drugs she has been involved in developing are not even on the market yet. Lately her work been focused on drugs targeting the pediatric population, chronic inflammation and rare diseases.

“It’s all about collaboration here at Pharmetheus, and we come together for a common goal in a way that is rare”

Andrea is from Germany but currently based in Basel, Switzerland, one of the five cities the company currently has offices in. She and her colleagues meet every day, and most meetings take place online, as she collaborates with colleagues around the globe. The opportunity to work remotely is one of the many benefits of working at Pharmetheus. This way the company can attract qualified researchers from all over the world. They do get together in person a couple of times per year, for team meetings, conferences, and of course they all meet during the annual Christmas dinner in Sweden.

Andrea started at Pharmetheus during the COVID-19 pandemic and her colleagues really helped her feel part of the team during an otherwise challenging time, and it is this team spirit she appreciates above all.

“It’s all about collaboration here at Pharmetheus, and we come together for a common goal in a way that is rare”, Andrea adds.