Employee stories

If you want to know more about what it is like to be working with us, there's no better way than hearing it from future colleagues. Their stories are their own, but they share common ground - they are dedicated, collaborative and perform their work with integrity. They are our people.

“Sharing with colleagues is why I love working here”

Sophie Peigné supports clients with expert and strategic advice in pharmacometrics as well as hands-on modeling analyses for compounds in all development phases. She joined Pharmetheus in 2022, and is based in Paris, France, where Pharmetheus recently opened an office.

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“I’m a little proud of our company all the time”

Siv Jönsson, a Senior Consultant based at Pharmetheus’ office in Uppsala, Sweden, has many years’ experience as an academic and uses it to develop Pharmetheus’s Learning agenda.

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“We are dedicated to what we do and empower each other to advance the field”

Jurij Aguiar Zdovc joined Pharmetheus as an Associate Consultant in 2022, working from his home office in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His work focuses on model informed drug development in clinical trials and he says he really enjoy the company’s open work environment.

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