“Sharing with colleagues is why I love working here”

Sophie Peigné supports clients with expert and strategic advice in pharmacometrics as well as hands-on modeling analyses for compounds in all development phases. She joined Pharmetheus in 2022, and is based in Paris, France, where Pharmetheus recently opened an office.

Sophie Peigné, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, Pharmetheus

What do you do at Pharmetheus?

As an MIDD consultant, I support clients with expert and strategic advice in pharmacometrics for compounds in all development phases, from non-clinical to clinical phases and until submission dossier. I also perform hands-on pharmacometrics analyses and related work with a focus on quality. As a Project Leader, I make sure that the timelines are followed and that the project meets quality expectations. I also manage the time-based resources needed to deliver the project. Effective and targeted collaboration with clients is key. We work with a wide variety of clients, from the pharmaceutical industry to not-for-profit organizations. I am part of a team composed of MIDD consultants with different levels of seniority and complementary areas of expertise.

What made you interested in working with pharmacokinetics and pharmacometrics?

In pharmacy school, I liked pharmacokinetics as it bridges the gap between the administered drug and its expected or undesired effects. Understanding the drug’s journey through the body was what captivated me. During my master studies, I discovered pharmacometrics which combines pharmacokinetics knowledge, mathematics, and statistical methods to model the behavior of a drug in order to better understand and predict its efficacy and toxicity as well as its variability among patients. It has a very important practical application as it helps, for example, to determine recommended dosage and to optimize clinical trial design.

You recently worked at the French pharmaceutical group Servier, what was it that attracted you to Pharmetheus?

I worked at Servier for ten years and held several positions. Most recently, I was Principal Pharmacometrician. Although I loved working at at Servier, I wanted a change and to discover the world of consulting and different ways of working. After just one year at Pharmetheus, my expectations have been fulfilled. I have worked on several projects, developed my knowledge, and discovered a lot of mutual support among colleagues who share their knowledge and grow together. Sharing with colleagues is why I love working here.

You work at Pharmetheus newly opened office in Paris, can you tell us more?

The office in Paris is where Pharmetheus’ Paris-based consultants can meet and work together. It is also a place where employees from other countries can meet. Yesterday, one of the teams with consultants from Germany, Sweden, Italy, and France met here. We also aim to work with student interns or Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral researchers. Many pharmacometricians are trained and work in France so having physical offices allows us to strengthen our connections with pharmaceutical industry professionals and academics.

What is the best thing about working at Pharmetheus?

What I appreciate the most is the competence development, and working with nice people who share their knowledge. We are never bored and the projects are really diverse. We can develop ourselves, acquire new knowledge, and master new tools. Pharmetheus also offers a very pleasant working environment that provides a good work-life balance.

Do you remember a special moment that makes you extra proud of your work?

When I had just joined Pharmetheus, I had the opportunity to participate in an initiative led by the company which involved translating English-language pharmacokinetics courses into French. The teacher had noticed that classes were not being completely understood by all students, and we helped them by writing subtitles in French for the online courses.