About us

The nature and extent of the services we provide are determined based on client needs: from smaller projects aiming to support limited questions, to the larger late-phase projects including submission support and post-marketing analyses. Our services are focused on drug usage and healthcare for a broad range of client types (pharmaceutical industry, charitable foundations, government and non-government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations). We also continuously contribute to technical research and methodological enhancements within the broader sector of Model-Informed Drug Development (MIDD).


Pharmetheus currently has a team in excess of 55, globally located in a variety of countries, and we have not stopped growing. Our staff members include modelers from diverse (but complementary) educational and technical backgrounds, with extensive experience of both standard and complex analyses.  In collaboration with our scientific advisors, we use cutting-edge tools and methodologies to enable fit-for-purpose deliverables for our clients. Our experienced consultants operate using a range of quantitative approaches, such as population PK, PKPD, PBPK, QSP and NCA analyses. They also provide support for trial design optimization and expert advice in MIDD, clinical pharmacology, statistics, pharmacometrics, and regulatory strategy across the product life-cycle.


Pharmetheus has dedicated data programming support and we have developed systems, processes, and tools employing state-of-the-art project control processes not only to accommodate the dynamic nature of drug development organizations, but also to allow for quick delivery even of the largest projects.

At Pharmetheus we take considerable pride in our company values and our enthusiastic, dynamic, and integrated team. Altogether, our strength is to ensure our clients the supply of high-quality and timely deliverables, compatible with the latest regulatory standards.


Vision and mission

Our mission is to deliver efficient model-informed drug development services to support our clients in decision making

Our vision is to realize the full potential of quantitative approaches to improve health

Our strength is to deliver timely and reproducible model-informed drug development services: from efficient routine analyses to innovative solutions for complex systems

Our values

At the core of all our work are our agreed common values

  • Responsibility
  • Learning
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Dedication
  • Integrity

How we work

At Pharmetheus, we use our company values (collaboration, dedication, integrity, learning, respect, and responsibility) to underpin our interactions and engagements both internally and externally.
  • We seek partnerships, and we have an enthusiastic, dynamic, and integrated team that will ensure delivery of high-quality “fit-for-purpose” work to the agreed timelines.
  • We have many recognized subject matter specialists within our team to cover the technical, applied, and enabling components of our deliverables.
  • Our way of working, with traceability, accountability, and independent quality control, from data programming to report delivery, is well adapted to and highly compatible with current regulatory requirements.
  • Our use of standardized processes ensures delivery of high-quality products with traceability and reproducibility.
  • We always work to the appropriate security standards to ensure data confidentiality and data integrity at all times.
  • We have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure that we are, and will remain, fully compliant to the appropriate regulatory guidance.
When taken together, these defining attributes will ensure the supply of high-quality and timely deliverables, compatible with the latest regulatory standards across all our collaborations.

Company leadership

Dr. Peter Milligan, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Peter Milligan, CEO

“Effective feedback and feedforward of information across and within compounds can promote an environment of “joined-up thinking” within organizations. This is an important element of Model- Informed Drug Development (MIDD) as we obtain insights on a compound’s properties by efficiently leveraging accumulated data. These insights can be used to frame the most impactful compound-related risks and shape contingency plans that enable these risks to be managed/mitigated appropriately. MIDD can greatly aid the ability of decision makers to arrive at strategy and/or design achieving a favorable outcome.

At Pharmetheus we understand the importance of joined-up thinking. We have experience of adopting “fit-for-purpose” activities and we can assist our partners to overcome their technical and/or organizational challenges.”

Dr. Peter Milligan, Chief Executive Officer

“Pharmetheus’ team operates with integrity at the highest ethical and scientific standards. In close collaboration with our clients, applying innovative solutions, and in a time- and costefficient manner we are dedicated to address their questions to facilitate a shortened development time for safe and efficacious treatments.
How can we support your case?’”

Dr. Marie Sandström, Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Marie Sandström, Chief Operations Officer, Deputy CEO

Dr Marie Sandström, COO

Emma Ångström, Chief Financial Officer

Emma Ångström, CFO

“Pharmetheus has had fantastic growth over the years. Our clients (>60) range from big pharma to small biotech companies which the vast majority are repeat business. We have a stable and healthy financial situation which is one of the pillars that ensures a long-term sustainability of the company. It allows us to continue to grow and develop Pharmetheus, to create value to the industry in collaboration with our clients and stakeholders and to offer a creative and learning environment to our employees.”

Emma Ångström, Chief Financial Officer


In 2001 Mats Karlsson (Pharmetheus’ Chairman of the Board) was appointed Professor of Pharmacometrics at Uppsala University. This was the world’s first professorship for this scientific discipline. Since then, Prof. Mats Karlsson has established the pharmacometrics research group at Uppsala University to a world-leading position in developing methodology and applications for model-informed drug development (MIDD). This research has been an important steppingstone leading up to the formation of Pharmetheus. The Pharmetheus story began in 2012, when a team composed of experienced consultants, leaders from the pharmaceutical industry, and researchers from Uppsala University formed Pharmetheus, offering pharmacometric consultancy services with the overall aim to improve patients’ lives. Over time and with the recruitment of additional experts, our core business focus has gradually broadened to support a wide range of reproducible MIDD services: from efficient routine analyses to innovative solutions for complex systems. The geographical footprint has also grown from our first small office in Uppsala. While the head office remains in Uppsala, today we have co-workers in more than 10 geographical locations in Europe and North America. Today, we are active across all phases of research and development and across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our team of competent consultants continuously provides strategic advice and fit-for-purpose analyses’ results to support a wide variety of drug development decisions.

“Pharmacometrics is an applied science where research and application occur in both academia and industry. This has characterized its evolution. Academia develops methodology for improved applications and industry develops and implements methodology to support application needs. The exchanges of ideas, tools and experiences between the organizations speed up the maturation of our field and promote model-informed drug discovery, development and usage. Pharmetheus is at the cross-roads of these activities and an active contributor in its own right.”

Prof. Mats Karlsson

Prof. Mats Karlsson

Dr. Martin Bergstrand, Principal Consultant, Board Member

Dr. Martin Bergstrand

“Inspiration for the name Pharmetheus came from the titan Prometheus in Greek mythology. Prometheus was known for his intelligence and as a champion of mankind. The name Prometheus means approximately ‘the one that thinks on beforehand‘, his brother Epimetheus’ name means ‘the one that thinks afterwards’. We can think of Pharmetheus as the lesser-known sibling ‘the one that thinks of Pharma’.”

Dr. Martin Bergstrand

“When founding Pharmetheus, we had the vision – to realize the full potential of quantitative approaches, impacting decision making. This naturally led us to a philosophy of being a partner to our clients, and to a commitment of delivering with the highest quality. In practice, we always engage with our clients to identify their needs, to provide tailored value and for effective communication of results. The Pharmetheus culture still today reflects our ambition of bringing learning to the projects in all of its aspects.”

Dr. Elodie Plan

Dr. Elodie Plan, Principal Consultant, Board Member

Dr. Elodie Plan

Dr. Niclas Jonsson, Principal Consultant

Dr. Niclas Jonsson

Dr. Mats Magnusson, Principal Consultant

Dr. Martin Magnusson

“Our vision when creating the reproducible reporting system used at Pharmetheus was to support a fully traceable and auto-documented workflow for Pharmacometric analyses – from source data to final report. We are very proud of having accomplished this and are grateful of the positive feedback we continuously receive about our reporting system from both clients and regulatory authorities.”

Dr. Niclas Jonsson and Dr. Mats Magnusson

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