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About us

The nature and extent of services we provide is determined on the basis of client needs, from smaller projects aiming to support limited questions, to the larger late phase projects including submission support and post-marketing analyses. Our services are focused on drug usage and healthcare for a broad range of client types (pharmaceutical industry, charitable foundations, government and non-government agencies, not for profit organizations) and we also continuously contribute to technical research and methodological enhancements within the broader MIDD sector.

Pharmetheus currently has a team in excess of 45, located in a variety of countries globally, and we have not stopped growing.
Our staff members include modelers from diverse (but complementary) educational and technical backgrounds with extensive experience of both standard and complex analyses.  In collaboration with our scientific advisors, we use of cutting-edge tools and methodologies to enable fit for purpose deliverables for our clients. Our experienced consultants perform a range of quantitative approaches such as population PK, PKPD, PBPK and NCA analyses, as well as providing support for trial design optimization and expert advice in MIDD, clinical pharmacology, statistics, pharmacometrics and regulatory strategy across the product life-cycle. 

Pharmetheus has dedicated data programming support and we have developed systems, processes and tools employing state of the art project control processes to accommodate the dynamic nature of drug development organizations and allow for expedient delivery of even the largest projects.

At Pharmetheus we take considerable pride in our company values and our enthusiastic, dynamic and integrated team. Together these will ensure for our clients the supply of high quality and timely deliverables, compatible with the latest regulatory standards.