Ida Neldemo, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant


  • Joined Pharmetheus in 2019, actively working in client projects and with continuous improvements
  • Expertise includes pharmacometrics, pediatrics, and trial design in therapeutic areas such as oncology
  • Previously worked as temporary Consultant at Pharmetheus, where she worked with hands-on application of pharmacometric approaches to support drug development
  • M.Sc in Pharmacy (2013) and Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2019) from Uppsala University, Sweden
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Pharmetheus affiliated publications

Application of tumor size modelling and simulations to support the dose selection of BI 907828 for a Phase II studyA PK/PD Analysis of Circulating Biomarkers and Their Relationship to Tumor Response in Atezolizumab-Treated non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients