Speed advising for students

At Pharmetheus, we understand the challenges of accessing expert guidance in specialized fields such as pharmacometrics and PBPK-QSP. That's why we're committed to breaking down geographical barriers and fostering inclusivity through our complimentary advisory sessions.

Khamunkhwala Gausi, Ph.D., Associate Consultant at Pharmetheus

Kamunkhwala Gausi, Ph.D.:

“We aim to help reduce inequalities by offering online advising sessions, free of charge, to students all over the world. “

What’s provided

Advisory sessions tailored to provide expert guidance and support, regardless of geographical location, to help you succeed in your academic journey.

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Q & A

We’re thrilled by your interest in speed advising. Below, you can delve deeper into the details.

Speed advising is a complimentary session provided by Pharmetheus experts, focused on the technical aspects of pharmacometrics or PBPK-QSP. The initiative aims to mitigate global disparities by extending free advisory sessions to students worldwide, especially those unable to regularly attend conferences.

These sessions are for students in postdoc, Ph.D., or master’s degree programs specializing in pharmacometrics or PBPK-QSP globally. The objective is to offer hands-on advice, empowering students to excel in their academic pursuits.

Overcome geographical constraints by accessing free advising sessions that offer insights from seasoned Pharmetheus professionals with expertise in pharmacometrics and PBPK, ensuring high-quality advice. Hence, receive personalized, strategic advice tailored to the unique challenges faced.

This initiative is part of our corporate social responsibility, strategically designed to address educational inequalities, particularly in the field of pharmacometrics, on a global scale. By providing free speed advising sessions, we actively contribute to fostering inclusivity and enhancing educational opportunities, aligning with our commitment to social responsibility.

Both students and supervisors were very pleased with the sessions. Some quotes:

“Thanks again for your time and advice on the project.”

“Thanks a lot for your understanding, your time, and your very useful advice. We hope to meet you at the next PAGE and share the progress of the work!”

Certainly, we are set to offer this service throughout the current year, with a noteworthy enhancement in frequency.

22nd of April – 3rd of May, 2024
24th of June – 5th of July, 2024
2nd – 13th of September, 2024
11th – 22nd of November, 2024

Each session offered are 1 hour.

“You get to meet industry experts, regardless of your background or whether you are well connected or not.”

The driving force

Behind the initiative is Kamunkhwala Gausi, Ph.D., with support from Maddlie Bardol, Ph.D.


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