A new visual identity as we enter our second decade

The new visual identity includes a new logo, updated colors of our reports, and marketing and communication materials. We go live with a completely new website, with a new graphic design, and new content showcasing our services and solutions in a more informative way.


Animation of Pharmetheus old logotype, shifting to the new logotype.

We enter our second decade by launching a new website, displaying the new visual identity. We are a partner of choice for Model Informed Drug Development (MIDD) services, supporting clients with high quality deliverables on time. Pharmetheus’ CEO, Peter Milligan comments:

“Pharmetheus has become a global company, offering quantitative approaches that reduce uncertainty in drug development decision making. The team has grown a lot during the past few years, and we want to continue to do so. “

The new website aims to reflect our journey and also to highlight the services offered, and mark the entry into a second decade of business.

The new visual identity makes us more recognizable to our clients and partners with whom we look forward to a second decade of great collaboration .

“I am excited to unveil this new brand profile that will help current and potential clients see the value of the MIDD-services that we can provide,” says Peter Milligan, CEO of Pharmetheus. 

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Model Informed Drug Development

A quantitative framework to support and inform development program strategies and decisions.

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“Sharing with colleagues is why I love working here”

Sophie Peigné supports clients with expert and strategic advice in pharmacometrics as well as hands-on modeling analyses for compounds in all development phases.

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History of Pharmetheus

Our journey is an exciting one. We began as a start-up that spinned off from Uppsala University. Today, we have grown into a global medium-sized company, adding value to drug development each day.

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Our values


We are devoted to supporting the needs of our clients through the passion for our work. As we do so, we take actions and accountability for the projects entrusted by our clients.


We work as a team, together and with clients, towards achieving a common goal by sharing ideas and skills. As we do so, we learn and develop, as individuals and as a team.


We are true to ourselves and honest with each other and our clients, while considering what is best for patients. As we do so, we also care about how our words and actions may impact others, and accept individual differences.