Opening event: New office in Paris


It was a great pleasure to welcome so many members of the French scientific community for a mini-conference & social event, held in connection with the opening of our new Pharmetheus office in Paris, France.

Marylore Chenel, Principal Consultant & Team Leader, hosted the event on behalf of Pharmetheus inviting our French collaborators and friends across academia and industry for a good dose of science mixed with mingle and networking.

Three presentations were provided:

• Prof. France Mentré, “Model based bioequivalence for sparse designs: model selection or model averaging”
• Prof. Mats Karlsson, “Composite scales – the parts are more than their sum”
• Dr. Peter Milligan, “Pharmetheus – From Uppsala to Paris in 10 years”

We want to thank all guests, including the Pharmetheus team attending, and extend our special gratitude for the presenters, chairs and organizers: Mats Karlsson, France Mentré, Peter Milligan, Marylore Chenel, Sophie Peigné, Celine Sarr, Elodie Plan, Per Lundström, Anna-Lena Granath

Are you interested in working in our Paris office or visiting our consultants there? We are eager to expand our team and our network. Read more about working at Pharmetheus at or request our services.