Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis Supports Initiation Treatment and Bridging from Sublingual Buprenorphine to Subcutaneous Administration of a Buprenorphine Depot (CAM2038) in the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder


Read the new publication about subcutaneous extended release treatment with buprenorphine in opioid use disorder by Marcus Björnsson, Chayan Acharya, Kerstin Strandgården and Fredrik Tiberg.

In treating opioid use disorder (OUD), subcutaneous (SC) extended-release buprenorphine (BPN) depots have been shown to provide smaller and less frequent fluctuations in BPN plasma concentrations and pharmacodynamic responses, improve outcomes, reduce treatment burden, and lower risks of misuse and diversion.

The published paper describes the PK of BPN after SC injections of a depot formulation (CAM2038, approved for the treatment of OUD). Simulations illustrated the use of CAM2038 doses as individualized treatment for OUD across different treatment stages, including initiation, switching from sublingual buprenorphine according to established dose conversion schedules, and tapering.