Pharmetheus evolves its organization to further promote innovation and growth with additions to its leadership team

Pharmetheus announces an evolved organizational structure with additions in the leadership team, and expands business development to further promote innovation and growth.


The Business Development expands with Dr. Elodie Plan as Chief Business Development Officer, and Client Operations gets a new leader in Dr. Mats Magnusson, who becomes Chief Operation Officer.

– These changes are natural progressions towards our long-term strategy. Our leadership team is broadening its competencies and perspectives, reinforcing Pharmetheus’ positioning as an important contributor in the advancement of quantitative disciplines, ensuring continued growth and success for our sector within the industry, says Peter Milligan, CEO.

As part of this transition, Pharmetheus announces the addition of key leaders to its leadership. The changes to the leadership team signals the company enters a new phase in terms of both positioning and offering.

Appointing Marylore Chenel as Chief Research Officer (CRO), to keep advancing the scientific pedigree and to expand its research and development capabilities is one, another is that Joakim Nyberg takes on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), enabling the ambitions of developing digital and technological services and solutions, with instrumental competencies being added.

Dr. Joakim Nyberg becomes Chief Technology Officer, and Marylore Chenel, Chief Research Officer.

Moreover, Mats Magnusson steps into the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) after serving as deputy COO for several years, where he will continue to lead improvement in client projects, staff associated with client projects, and client project processes.

Marie Sandström, transitioning from her previous role as COO to a Business Development Manager role, will focus on proposals and negotiations, under the leadership of Elodie Plan, Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO). Elodie, explains the expansion of the business development organization:

– We want to ensure Pharmetheus keeps evolving its portfolio of services and more, to continuously meet the needs of our clients. This way we will be able to focus even more on nurturing our client relationships.

Peter Milligan expresses his gratitude towards Marie Sandström for her invaluable contributions over the years:

– I want to personally thank and acknowledge Marie for her excellent contributions to the Pharmetheus leadership team over the years, firstly as CEO and laterally as COO. She will bring her focus, wisdom and experience to our expanded Business Development group and provide business continuity to our clients who know and appreciate her oversight and management of our business proposals.

Dr. Marie Sandström becomes Business Development Manager and will continue to work close to clients in her new role.

These strategic appointments, effective April 8, lays the foundation for Pharmetheus’ continued commitment to leading innovation, operational efficiency, and delivering value to its clients and the scientific community at large.