Workshop: ‘PBPK-PD/QSP modeling with the OSPSuite (PK-Sim®, MoBi®)’

Interested in combining PBPK and PD/QSP models and looking for efficient means to accomplish this? Join this 1,5 day workshop led by Pharmetheus’ experts and held on Thursday-Friday 9th-10th of November 2023 in connection to ACoP14, Washington DC, US.

Workshop overview

The workshop will feature PBPK and PD/QSP modeling with the Open Systems Pharmacology (OSP) suite also known as PK-Sim® and MoBi®.

The focus will be on how to leverage the open source platforms PK-Sim® and MoBi® to utilize the standardized and well established whole body PBPK model provided in PK-Sim® and combine it with the open modeling possibilities in MoBi® to finally create WB-PBPK-PD/QSP models.

Workshop learning objectives

By the end of the workshop, the participant will know how to:

  • develop whole body physiologically based pharmacokinetic (WB-PBPK) models in PK-Sim®
  • apply WB-PBPK models in PK-Sim®, using case examples of pediatric and elderly population translations as well as complex drug-drug interactions (DDIs)
  • address and initiate the development of pharmacodynamic (PD) and quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) models in MoBi®
  • connect WB-PBPK PK-Sim® models with custom-built PD/QSP MoBi® models

The goal is to give participants a solid foundation to apply PK-Sim® and MoBi® in future projects where integration of physiological and pharmacological knowledge is key.

The combination of instructions and mentor led lectures will enable the participant to learn the platforms through hands-on training by applying a combination of praxis examples and theoretical explorations.

Workshop target audience

Scientists/Pharmacometricians with some experience of PK-Sim® looking to increase their skills in PK-Sim®, learn MoBi® and learn how to combine PK-Sim® and MoBi® models in creation of WB-PBPK-PD/QSP models. The workshop aims to be suitable for beginners in PK-Sim® & MoBi®, as well as contain many topics of interest to more advanced users.

Workshop description

During the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to increase their understanding and practical experience with the software PK-Sim® and MoBi®. For each topic, a brief lecture will be given including a background and an outline of the related hands-on exercise to follow. Hands-on sessions will be structured as stepwise model development and the tutors will be present to assist and guide you in case any questions arise.

PK-Sim® training

First, a base PBPK model is built which is subsequently refined towards reference data through a question-based approach strategy where further aspects for model extrapolation are explored. 

Next, the use of PBPK modeling for development of a DDI strategy is shown. We will teach you how to use and integrate pre-existing models and building blocks to create a whole-body PBPK model for complex DDIs (e.g. simultaneous induction and inhibition by a perpetrator) and optimize study protocols.

Finally, a workflow is presented on how PBPK models can extrapolate beyond tested scenarios like scaling from adult populations to young, old and very old.´

MoBi® training

The MoBi training will adopt a theoretical approach to give participants insights and experiences to fundamental modeling concepts in the MoBi® environment. The participant will practice how to develop model structures, define flows and reactions and get insight in different approaches of describing pharmacological effects. After this training, participants will have the tools to approach modeling in MoBi® on their own. 

The session will conclude by integrating the established PK-Sim® and MoBi® models to exemplify how to create a WB-PBPK-PD/QSP model. 

Speed consulting

There will be opportunities to discuss the participant’s own project in a dedicated discussion with an expert if of interest. 

Workshop logistic details

Workshop hours: Thursday 9th of November 1pm – Friday 10th of November 5pm.

Venue: Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

The fee includes one coffee break on Thursday and two coffee breaks with snacks and lunch on the Friday.


Participants are expected to use their laptop and have installed the OSPSuite packages on their laptops (for instructions and software, please visit

Tutorials are available (videos & hands-on) here:

Registration Fee

Non-members: 1100 USD

ISoP members: 700 USD

Students: 400 USD


If you are interested in participating in our workshop please register: Workshop_ACoP