Find this offer for professional pharmacometrics consulting sessions (~30 min), free of charge, in connection to the WCoP, QSPC, PAGE and ACoP 2022 meetings, from 2 days before the start of the conference up to 2 days after the end of the conference.


Free Speed Consulting

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Pharmetheus’ senior experts are available to give input on a wide range of pharmacometrics topics, offering strategic as well as hands-on assistance in drug development projects in all development phases, concerning small as well as large molecules.


Confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) 

CDA will be arranged ahead of the meeting for those that require it. Just make sure to indicate this as you sign up for a consultancy session in the form below. Note that if you judge a CDA to be required, this may require some extra time to put in place ahead of the meeting. 


The session can be held in physical, virtual or hybrid format. We can set up a meeting with you on Google Meet, or happily join you in a meeting booked by you on the platform of your choice.  

Please note that available time slots are limited. Sign up as soon as possible to give us a chance to help you tackle your challenges!

Get speed consulting on topics such as:

  • Study/experimental design (e.g. optimal design, clinical trial simulations and adaptive design methodology)
  • Pharmacometrics analysis methodology (e.g. covariate model building and model qualification)
  • Physiology based pharmacokinetics (PBPK) – Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) modelling 
  • Model-informed drug development (MIDD) strategy
  • Regulatory strategy for clinical pharmacology and pharmacometric analysis
  • Pediatric drug development
  • Data programming
  • Pharmacometric approaches to analyze discreet data (e.g. time-to-event and count data)
  • Mechanism based PK modelling (e.g. enzyme induction/inhibition, target mediated drug disposition and complex absorption)
  • Mechanism based model building in therapeutic areas such as; neuroscience, hematology, diabetes, oncology, inflammation, infectious disease, respiratory disease and many more
  • Translational modelling (e.g. pre-clinical to clinical)
  • Career advice for junior pharmacometricians

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Speed Consulting
We will do our best to match you with our relevant in-house experts based on the information you will have provided, so don't hesitate to give sufficient information on your topic!
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