Pharmetheus back from WCoP: highlights

Pharmetheus’ delegation is back from South Africa, charmed by Cape Town and its surroundings, grateful to have been able to connect face-to-face with fellow scientists again, and inspired by the scientific exchanges. All this being the result of tremendous efforts carried out by the WCoP organization, our warm thanks go to everyone who was involved in making this meeting a reality. 

Some highlights: we are delighted that the WCoP Mascot Zebra was named Emelia, after Tobias Kanacher’s daughter, who kept it safe since 2019, when it was given as a gift at Page in Stockholm, Sweden, and reminded him to bring it back to WCoP in Cape Town, as part of the challenge. We are proud of our scientific contributions including the workshop on PBPK to include physiological knowledge in models , the awarded poster on translating courses to make knowledge more accessible and the co-chaired sessions on PBPK and methodology. We are also happy to have had our advisors Lena Friberg as keynote speaker on the myelosuppression model, and Andrew Hooker a symposium speaker on bioequivalence design and analysis. And finally we were amazed by the stunning beauty of the country.

We now look forward to meeting our scientific community again at Page 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where we also will offer two workshop courses, on PBPK and Forest Plots. Hoping to see you there!