Pharmetheus back from QSPC: highlights

Pharmetheus, a proud sponsor of the Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Conference – QSPC 2022,  and our team on site Eric Salgado, Erik Sjögren, Julie Janssen, Marylore Chenel, Per Lundström, Peter Milligan, would like to thank the organizers for this great meeting. 

We enjoyed this opportunity to once again be able to socialize with great scientists and old friends, and to take part in the passionate discussions around talks or posters regarding the rapidly evolving field of QSP. One topic that particularly resonated with us was the need for interdisciplinary exchange, well put into words by Amita Joshi, describing among other things the “M&S Scientist of the Future” as a cross-functional and collaborative individual.

We felt at home in the beautiful historic center of Leiden, the Netherlands, which reminded us of Uppsala, Sweden – the birthplace of Pharmetheus, and were glad to get the chance to experience the traditional Dutch concept of a “walking dinner” in the beautiful Hooglandse kerk. 

Some more highlights illustrated here, including Erik Sjögren, giving a flash talk on a Simvastatin PBPK platform case study, Ulrika Simonsson, our advisor, presenting on a translational model-informed approach for selection of tuberculosis drug combination regimens, and Peter Milligan, our CEO, discussing model qualification versus validation.

We hope to see you again at Page2022!