Our services include quantitative analyses by scientists with extensive therapeutic area experience from industry, academic and regulatory settings.

How we work

At Pharmetheus, we use our company values (collaboration, dedication, integrity, learning, respect, and responsibility) to underpin our interactions and engagements both internally and externally.

  • We seek partnerships, and we have an enthusiastic, dynamic, and integrated team that will ensure delivery of high-quality “fit-for-purpose” work to the agreed timelines.
  • We have many recognized subject matter specialists within our team to cover the technical, applied, and enabling components of our deliverables.
  • Our way of working, with traceability, accountability, and independent quality control, from data programming to report delivery, is well adapted to and highly compatible with current regulatory requirements.
  • Our use of standardized processes ensures delivery of high-quality products with traceability and reproducibility.
  • We always work to the appropriate security standards to ensure data confidentiality and data integrity at all times.
  • We have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure that we are, and will remain, fully compliant to the appropriate regulatory guidance.


When taken together, these defining attributes will ensure the supply of high-quality and timely deliverables, compatible with the latest regulatory standards across all our collaborations.