Advancing model informed drug development

Demands from payors and regulators for differentiated products necessitates creative integration of available data/information, with future trial data, to accelerate drug development in an efficient, cost effective and ethical manner.



  • Has expertise in model informed drug development (MIDD) to support and inform study and program strategies and decisions.
  • Has a track record of efficient delivery of fit for purpose solutions, including complex situations.
  • Has access to a broad range of complementary drug research and development disciplines (including pharmacometrics, clinical pharmacology, statistics and regulatory) and academic subject matter experts.

Transforming quality science to informed decisions​

Drug development moves at a swift pace in an ever-changing competitive landscape and project teams are constantly facing new challenges, demanding a proactive and adaptive mindset.




  • Offers a broad range of fit for purpose analytical solutions, including data programming, across all phases of research and development (incorporating submission and post approval activities).
  • Has a broad resource pool to accommodate varying needs, including modeling, training, interaction with regulatory bodies, expert advice and full-time equivalent support.
  • Has experience of, and expertise in, a wide range of therapeutic areas.

When efficiency meets quality

Scientific rigor, quality, compliance and traceability are cornerstones in clinical drug development and regulatory submissions. This requires reliable technical solutions and experience to efficiently leverage MIDD in these settings.



  • Has robust processes for reproducibility and documentation of analysis results.
  • Has considerable experience of delivering submission ready reports.
  • Has independent quality control (QC) to monitor and check on our deliverables.

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Welcome Mikael Haglund!

September 13, 2021

We are very happy to welcome Mikael Haglund as Pharmetheus' Human Resources Manager. Mikael has been working with HR for close to 15 years, across different industries, such as housing, media & education, energy and automobile. For recent years, Mikael has worked at UR - Swedish Educational Broadcasting company. Mikael is based in Stockholm.

See Mikaels bio here.


Our services include quantitative analyses by scientists with extensive therapeutic area experience industry, academic and regularly settings.

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How we work

Our way of working, with traceability and accountability from data programming to report delivery, is well adapted to, and highly compatible with, current regulatory requirements.

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Pharmetheus consultants and advisors present a unique collection of experiences and combination of skill sets.