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Population modeling experts and PBPK-QSP modeling experts

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About working at Pharmetheus

Pharmetheus offers an inspiring work environment and competitive benefits. With a broad spectrum of client projects, as well as senior colleagues with long and extensive experiences (such as modelers, software developers, regulatory assessors, drug developers and academics) in the forefront of Pharmacometrics/MIDD applications, our company provides unique opportunities for competence development. See testimonies from some of our employees below.

Pharmetheus’ main premises are located in the Uppsala Science Park, in Sweden. Our physical footprint, however, stretches beyond Uppsala through our office network (currently Stockholm and Basel) and home office network (currently Germany, Italy, France, The Netherlands, UK, USA and Sweden).


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We regularly post adverts for specific positions that we are recruiting for. In addition, we welcome spontaneous applications from qualified specialists (e.g. PhD in pharmacometrics, biostatistics or similar) with a demonstrated high competence in application of model-informed drug development (MIDD) methodologies. Please send us your CV and a short letter describing who you are and what makes you interested in working at Pharmetheus.


Employee statements

Dr. Qing Xi Ooi, Consultant

“My job at Pharmetheus is both fun and challenging. What I enjoy the most is that we are given the freedom, opportunities, and time to explore our ideas, challenge the norm, and develop new skills. Pharmetheus created a culture and an inspiring work environment that attract bright, passionate people who always strive to be the very best they can be. The standards, pace, and excitement buzzing within Pharmetheus and my coworkers motivate and challenge me to push the limits every day.”

Dr. Qing Xi Ooi, Consultant

“Together with my Pharmetheus colleagues, we have the right analytical tools, expertise, and collective experience to deliver timely, reproducible, and fit-for-purpose solutions for any project. Our thought through the platform of tools and infrastructure let us focus on science and the key drug development questions to address.”

Dr. Daniel Röshammar, Senior Consultant

Dr. Daniel Röshammar, Senior Consultant

Dr. Daniel Röshammar, Senior Consultant

Dr. Robin Svensson, Associate Consultant

Dr. Robin Svensson, Consultant

“Teamwork is a cornerstone of the work at Pharmetheus. We collaborate among colleagues with different sets of experiences on how to best present our work to ensure it’s useful for decision-making. In practice, every project is built around close teamwork.”

Dr. Robin Svensson, Consultant

Spontanous applications

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