Author: Per Lundström

Welcome Anaïs Glatard!

We are happy to have Anaïs onboard as a MIDD consultant. Her research experience (from academic groups as well as pharmaceutical companies) includes PK/PD modeling,

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Welcome Ninni Sylenius!

We continue to expand our team with Medical Writers/Quality Control Reviewers. Ninni has been working with clinical studies in the cardiovascular field at Uppsala Clinical

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Welcome Viviana Moroso!

We continue to expand our team with Medical Writers/Quality Control Reviewers. Viviana has been working as a freelance medical writer and editor in several clinical fields. Her previous research experience includes database genotype analysis and in vitro work in the field of Immunology of liver transplantation. Viviana is based in Luleå, Sweden.

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New service: Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP)

Physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling is a technique to predict drug concentration at the site of pharmacological action. It appears natural to combine PBPK models with quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) models to get a mechanistic understanding of the PK/PD relationship(s) of the drug in patients.

PBPK-QSP models build on prior knowledge, including (patho-)physiology and pharmacology. The independent representations of drug and system parameters allow for extrapolation to scenarios beyond observation. The methodology can enhance drug development programs by informing biomarker strategies and early prediction of clinical outcome. Read more about PBPK-QSP here.

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Welcome Henrik Hellerstedt!

We are happy to welcome Henrik Hellerstedt in our growing IT team. Henrik has worked as a senior IT consultant and has experience as an IT manager in both public and large private entities. Henrik will be working as an IT system administrator and will be based in the Uppsala Office. Glad to have you onboard, Henrik!

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Pharmetheus Approach to COVID-19 related challenges in clinical trial conduct

Pharmetheus is currently working with a number of clients to address the impact of the current COVID-19 epidemic to their ongoing clinical drug development programs. We would like to share our high level approach with the community at large. We see the current situation as both a challenge to our industry/sector but also an opportunity for appropriate and quantitative approaches to mitigate upon these challenges. We believe there are “fit for purpose” options for a broad range of plausible scenarios in clinical trial conduct that have emerged or could emerge.

See our approach

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