Free speed consulting with Pharmetheus

At Pharmetheus, we love to talk pharmacometrics! Therefore, during the ACoP meeting in San Diego, Pharmetheus will offer professional pharmacometric consulting sessions (15-30 min), free of charge. Note that these sessions are open to everyone and independent of any current or future plans to use our services. Pharmetheus’ senior experts are available to give input on a wide range of pharmacometric topics, offering strategic as well as hands-on assistance concerning small as well as large molecules and drug projects in all development phases.

If this sounds interesting, please complete the form below. Sign up as soon as possible to give us a chance to help you tackle your challenges. Note that if you judge a CDA is required, this may require some extra time to put in place ahead of the meeting. The deadline for applications is the 1st of October and time slots will be communicated by the 3rd of October. Please note that available times are limited.

We look forward to hear back from you, and to see you in San Diego!


Speed consulting form

A few sentences describing the topic that you would like Pharmetheus' expert input on. The description is important to match you with the most appropriate Pharmetheus consultant.

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