How we work

At Pharmetheus, we take pride in the delivery of on-time, high quality work according to the latest regulatory guidelines. This is achieved by having specialists in our team covering the whole range of needed expertise within the pharmacometrics and data management fields. Automated processes are, if possible, used to enforce high quality products with traceability. Pharmetheus is also working with the latest security standards and tools to ensure high confidentiality and data integrity.

If you want to set up a project with Pharmetheus, the usual process is as follows:

  • Intitial contact – for example through this form
  • Personal meeting – Have a TC with the experts in the area
  • Proposal – Get a detailed proposal for support that fits your needs
  • Performance – Parallell processes, reproducible reporting, and high efficiency
  • Delivery – We offer you submission ready reports, regulatory advice, and other services